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Sustainable Sonoma is designed to address problems that no one organization and solve alone. Our work would not be possible without support from across the community.

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Sustainable Sonoma hosted by the Sonoma Ecology Center, a California non-profit 501(c)(3). Its tax ID number is #94-3136500.

Please make checks payable to Sonoma Ecology Center, memo “Sustainable Sonoma”. Mail to Sonoma Ecology Center, PO Box 1486, Eldridge CA 95431

Sustainable Sonoma is a forum where a diverse group of Sonoma Valley people—businesses, environment, social justice, nonprofits, and government—take action on solutions to our community’s biggest challenges. 

Sustainable Sonoma is currently focused on the issue of housing affordability, bringing the Sonoma Valley community’s different sectors together to increase, improve and preserve housing that is affordable for people who live or work in the Valley, within already developed areas, to create diverse, safe, complete neighborhoods.

During the next 6-9 month period, we will produce a specific, actionable, written housing strategy for Sonoma Valley built on the values expressed by the community in listening sessions and by the Sustainable Sonoma Council. By early 2020, the Sustainable Sonoma Council will review, revise, and approve the expert-informed strategy.

Sonoma Ecology Center is proud to house and staff Sustainable Sonoma, but Sustainable Sonoma is designed to address problems that no one organization and solve alone. Support from across the community is needed. See our full list of supporters

To learn more, visit the website or contact Kim Jones, Sustainable Sonoma Coordinator at