Sonoma Ecology Center Land Services

Our Restoration Team employs best management practices to protect habitat, water quality, and biodiversity. We assist owners with lands of all sizes. To schedule a consultation, please fill out the Land Service Request Intake Form and email pictures of your property to You can also contact us at (707) 996-0712 to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Fire Resilience

  • Ecologically informed fire fuels treatment and responsible biomass disposal 
  • Fire-ready, wildlife-friendly landscapes in the 100-foot defensible space
  • Post-fire erosion control

Invasive Plant Control

  • Invasive species management using manual removal and integrated pest management approach
  • Prescribed fire management

Erosion Control and Stream Work

  • Erosion control: regrading, wattle installation, coco coir, jute net biodegradable fabrics 
  • Streambank and streambed stabilization and restoration
  • Permitting
  • Any of these treatments can be paired with native species planting

Native Plant Propagation

  • Native nursery with 60,000 plant capacity growing 80+ native species
  • Registered with CDFA Nursery Stock Registration and Certification Program
  • Plant sizes from 4”-6” plugs, tree bands, D40, D60, 1 gallon, tree pots, to 5 gallon pots
  • Watershed-specific propagule collection

Revegetation and Ecological Restoration in a wide variety of ecological communities

  • Biological site assessments
  • Site planning, design, and permitting
  • Site preparation
  • Planting and plant protection
  • Irrigation design and installation
  • Project maintenance and monitoring

Service Costs

  • $2000-$4000 per day for 4-5 person crew, depending on slope, complexity, access, etc
  • $200 one-hour onsite consultation, waived if consultation leads to project
  • Contact us for custom project costs
Please reach out to us at or (707) 996-0712. 

Video by Conor Hagen

“Sonoma Ecology Center brings a host of services and resources that can help people, the public, in managing their landscapes and providing perhaps protections for the community at large. I thank the Sonoma Ecology Center for maintaining the beautiful Valley that we live in.”

—Ted Bucklin, Family Member, Van Hoosear Wildflower Preserve