Coming Fall 2023

A Handbook of Principles and Practices for Vegetation Management in Sonoma County

In Sonoma County, we ask a lot from the land. Some common land stewardship objectives are:

  • Resilience to wildfire

  • Wildlife habitat

  • Drought and flood readiness

  • Carbon sequestration

  • Water and soil integrity

  • Biodiversity

  • Recreation

  • Cultural Use

Sonoma County is full of expertise on how to achieve these objectives, but that knowledge can be hard to access, and for an individual landowner, management decisions can be overwhelming.

The Handbook distills guidance from a range of disciplines to help residents, landowners, and professional land managers define and achieve their land management goals. The Handbook is accessible to a range of users, integrates a wide array of topics, and promotes science-based approaches through a website, written Handbook, and workshops.

The Handbook shares Sonoma County’s experience and knowledge to help people feel comfortable and confident in the choices they make in caring for the land. We hope The Handbook is the first resource that land managers of all kinds will reach for when approaching the stewardship of a site in Sonoma County.


It’s possible to manage land for both fire risk reduction and ecological function.


Support multi-benefit land management in Sonoma County’s natural and working lands.


Landowners of rural land and the professionals they hire and consult.

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