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About the Sonoma Creek Watershed

The Sonoma Creek Watershed is a 166-square-mile valley 45 miles north of San Francisco.

We all live in a watershed; in Sonoma Valley, all creeks drain to the marshes and tidelands ringing San Pablo Bay. Thus, the Sonoma Valley is part of the Sonoma Creek watershed.

With its beautiful, largely rural watershed, Sonoma Valley boasts some of the finest parks, forests, grasslands and vineyards in the San Francisco Bay Area. Upland areas are drained by Sonoma Creek — which, along with its tributaries, is home to a run of endangered steelhead trout, as well as Chinook salmon and California freshwater shrimp.

To learn more about our watershed, see these Sonoma Ecology Center resources

SEC’s Sonoma Valley Knowledge Base – A comprehensive library of scientific, historical, and even poetic materials about the Sonoma Valley watershed. Explore it!

What is a Watershed? – Downloadable educational handout (pdf, front and back) explaining the meaning and importance of a watershed, with details about our own Sonoma Creek Watershed. We use it when we teach in Sonoma Valley schools.

SEC’s Event Calendar – for upcoming hikes, outings, and volunteer opportunities to understand, appreciate and sustain our watershed.

Other resources on Sonoma Valley:

  • Sonoma County’s ActiveMap, which shows General Plan designations, zoning, land use, and many other characteristics of land in unincorporated Sonoma County.
  • The Bay Area Conservation Lands Network and its Explorer tool, highlighting a science-based plan for protecting the Bay Area’s unique natural heritage.
Sonoma Creek Watershed