In 2017, wildfire left behind dozens of burned structures—a hazardous situation should rainwater wash their toxins into nearby streams. To prevent that from happening, Sonoma Ecology Center created its Emergency Watershed Protection Program, which mobilized communities to shore up those sites until their toxic ash and debris could be properly disposed of.

Now, due to recent damage caused by the Glass Fire, SEC is relaunching this program to again protect our local watersheds. The Glass Fire Watershed Protection Program covers properties within the watersheds of Sonoma Creek, Santa Rosa Creek and Mark West Creek—all regions burned by the Glass Fire—and is helping those communities obtain and install wattles, sandbags and similar materials. These services are free to landowners and other community members.

The first step is connecting with local landowners who have burned structures on their properties. If you are such a landowner, or know someone who is, please let us know by filling out a form (links below) or sending us an email at We need:

  • To connect, and obtain your permission to access the property
  • To know your location
  • To know how close burned structures are to nearby waterways
  • To know how steep the terrain is there




Print out, fill out and send in the pdf LANDOWNER CONSENT FORM


For more on the program, see our webpage. For questions, send us an e-mail (preferred) at or call us at 707-200-8134.