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Help determine the future of Sonoma Garden Park! Take part in the Master Plan Update:
* Read the Plan * Leave Comments * Attend our Dec. 9 Community Workshop *

Sonoma Garden Park was once the home of beloved local schoolteacher Pauline Bond, who granted it to the City of Sonoma on the condition that it be designated a public park. We’ve been managing the property since 1993, and transformed it into the city gem it is today. But there’s always room for improvement – and to improve it we need a plan.

Today’s Sonoma Garden ParkClick for full map is a gem with many facets: demonstration farm, native plant nursery, public gathering place, model of water-wise landscaping, host for workshops and educational programs, perfect relaxation spot, and much more.

We need a working plan to keep the momentum going, which is why we’re starting the process of updating the Sonoma Garden Park Master Plan. Once completed, the updated plan will serve as a blueprint for future improvements to the Garden Park. Proposed updates include annexing the Pauline Homestead Area, upgrading park facilities, building a small outdoor theater space and creating two new children’s play areas.

The Master Plan Update is now in its first draft, which means it’s time for public input. We want to hear from you – parents, educators, students, growers, gardeners, market-goers, landscapers, native plant lovers, and everyone else too. All Sonoma Valley residents have a stake in how Sonoma Garden Park plans its future.

To learn more, see our web page with information and links to the draft update. There’s also an online questionnaire giving everyone the chance to share their vision for Sonoma Garden Park (deadline for comments is Dec. 31, 2017). Then on Saturday, Dec. 9, from 2 to 3 p.m., we’ll hold a community workshop at the Garden Park in order to receive more input and exchange ideas on this special place. (This workshop originally had been scheduled for mid-October, but was postponed due to the Sonoma Valley wildfires.)

We want to make sure Sonoma Garden Park remains an essential part of our Valley’s civic life. And to do that, we need your help. Please comment when you can – and set aside an hour on Dec. 9.