Update on Coping with COVID-19 at Sugarloaf | Sonoma Ecology Center

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking steps to ensure everyone can enjoy Sugarloaf Ridge State Park safely. The physical and mental benefits of being outside are important to us all. Sonoma Ecology Center and Team Sugarloaf, in partnership with California State Parks, are doing all we can to keep Sugarloaf open and available to the public.

What We’re Doing


  • We are canceling some events, and going ahead with events that do not require close contact.
  • During our outdoor events, we will suggest maintaining a 6-foot space between participants. Hand sanitizer available at all events.
  • We are transitioning to single sheet waivers and online waivers.
  • See our events calendar for updates.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Staff will disinfect restrooms at least three times per day Monday-Thursday, and four times per day Friday-Sunday. Hand sanitizer and toilet shields are available at all restrooms.
  • At the Visitor Center, our staff and volunteers will disinfect commonly touched surfaces (door handles, counter, etc.) three or more times per day. We have removed touch displays.
  • The Ventek Automatic Pay Machine will be sanitized at least three times per day, and we have added a hand sanitizer dispenser to it.

Reducing Exposure

  • We are encouraging people to use credit cards or Apple Pay instead of cash at the Kiosk and Visitor Center.
  • All cash we accept will be quarantined for 7-9 days. All change given will be in cash that we have quarantined.
  • We recommend visitors purchase an annual or day-use pass online. We are suggesting the public download and print our map and trail guides at home.
  • Purchase an annual pass or day-use pass here.


  • The campground remains open.
  • Campers with reservations do not need to stop at the Visitor Center and may go directly to their site. Staff will come by and collect extra car fees.

We will update you all as we get more information. Please follow us on Facebook or check our website for more updates.

We are entering uncertain times, as a county, country, and world. We will get through this by working together and helping each other.


Update on Coping with COVID-19 at Sugarloaf