Sonoma Ecology Center is blessed to have many fabulous volunteers without whom we could not accomplish so much. This month we focus our lens on a tremendously talented volunteer whose work you see in our newsletters, emails and social media posts on a regular basis. Our volunteer photographer, Kristen Russell’s photos bring to life the beauty of what our staff and other volunteers do.

My goal is to capture people’s enjoyment of the events hosted by Sugarloaf and SEC. I shoot candid; it’s more authentic. I prefer to use a long lens and stand in the outskirts so my presence is less noticeable,” says Kristen. “Kids are my favorite subjects because of the pure expressions of joy on their faces!”

Her work documents, for example, the hard labor our staff and volunteers do in restoring trails at Sugarloaf, the blooming of wildflowers at Van Hoosear Wildflower Preserve, and our supporters enjoying hikes, shopping at Sonoma Garden Park’s Harvest Market, or learning about composting in a workshop.

Kristen’s enthusiasm for nature is expressed in her art.

Recently, a memorable shoot was of the Glass Fire recovery efforts: charred vegetation and a backlit crew amongst dust and ash clouds created a certain mood,” she says.

Thank you Kristen for all you do!

Here are some of our favorite pictures taken by Kristen for Sonoma Ecology Center