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Sonoma Ecology Center and our illustrious, dedicated volunteers help us honor Earth every day, and we’d like to thank them for helping us take care of little patches of our planet right here in Sonoma Valley.

In partnership with One Tree Planted and Simply Solar, volunteers and our restoration crew helped clear out invasive broom plants on Sonoma Creek. Scotch and French brooms were introduced in the 1800s and grow well here, so much so that they choke out native plants. When they die they create fire fuel ladders that are highly flammable. 

Over at Nathanson Creek another great crew led by Sonoma Ecology Center’s “Earthling” teen volunteer group cleaned up trash and learned about pollinators, plants and ways to protect our planet.

Our trail restoration work at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park continues with volunteers repairing steps and bridges, clearing debris, installing signs and generally taking care of the park’s trails. Large portions of Sugarloaf burned in 2020’s Glass Fire, and other portions — some overlapping — burned in the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fires. With the help of our volunteers most of the park’s trails are reopened and provide a great respite in nature.

Earth Week is a reminder that we all share this one and only planet and we all can do our part to keep her healthy.