Our newest workshop at Sonoma Garden Park, exploring the garden world of bees, offers a blend of science, horticulture and conservation. Bee expert Jaime Pawelek of the Urban Bee Lab (UC Berkeley), will instruct on the benefits of attracting native bees and the importance of providing a biodiverse habitat for them.

Lecture will be followed by Q & A and then a walk through the garden to identify native bees and hear Pawelek’s bee stories. Participants will learn about the newly installed Bee Garden, including the plants chosen for it. Participants will help augment the
garden with additional plantings while learning a number of important gardening lessons, such as correct planting time/season, planting method, spacing, plant type, and irrigation.

For information call 707-996-0712 ext. 111 or email info@sonomaecologycenter.org.