NeWTs – Neighbors Working Together

…for a water-wise, fire-smart, and wildlife-friendly Sonoma Valley!


Are you a Sonoma Valley resident interested in exploring solutions to local ecological issues, while also connecting with fellow community members?

Participating in NeWTs can help you achieve your goals. We are stronger when we work together! NeWTs supports residents in learning and doing: by providing you with tools you need to connect with your neighbors, try a new project, and make a difference.

How NeWTs Works:

Sonoma Ecology Center will train local leaders to bring together fellow community members, to learn and take actions. We support our NeWTs leaders as they take on activities with their friends and neighbors such as installing low-flow faucets, adding a rain barrel to your garden, replacing lawn with native plants, and reducing sources of pollution in your home and yard. Participation in NeWTs is FREE! All participants receive locally relevant resources, water-saving tools, rebates and coupons.

Note: Our NeWTs Program is currently on brief hiatus while our Education Team focuses on science camps and other summer activities. Please stay tuned for future announcements!


By taking action through NeWTs, we will:

  • Protect our community from the symptoms of drought
  • Protect important wildlife habitat for many species
  • Reduce potential flood damages
  • Reduce pollution in our creeks, the San Pablo Bay, and beyond
  • Create fire-smart landscapes and neighborhoods
  • Get to know each other better, strengthening our community

By the end of our workshops, participants have the opportunity to sign on as official Sonoma Ecology Center NeWTs Leaders.

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Thanks to our NeWTs funders and donors!

  • US EPA
  • Permit Sonoma
  • Sonoma Water
  • The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment