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Nathanson Creek

Nathanson Creek Preserve – Once neglected and trash-laden, today the creek provides habitat for native fish, birds, and other wildlife. As a prominent natural park in Sonoma, the Nathanson Creek Preserve includes Sonoma Valley High School, Adele Harrison Middle School, a bike path, and a pedestrian trail. Nathanson is close to downtown Sonoma so easy to enjoy anytime.

Biochar Initiative

Sonoma Biochar Project is a collaborative project to establish Sonoma County’s first integrated biochar production system. The project aims to prove that biochar will build soil, conserve water, improve agricultural productivity, and improve forest practices — all while replacing greenhouse gas emissions with sequestered carbon in individual farming operations. http://sonomabiocharinitiative.org

Sonoma Garden Park

Sonoma Garden Park – Located at 19996 7th St E in Sonoma, Sonoma Garden Park is a 6.1-acre working farm, model of sustainable agriculture, center of education, and vibrant gathering place — one of our community’s greatest resources. Many of our workshops take place at SGP. Learn more at http://www.sonomagardenpark.org

Sonoma Valley Habitat

Sonoma Valley Habitat Corridor – Approximately 5 miles long and 3/4 miles wide, the corridor encompasses a wide array of habitats including conifer forests, chaparral, wetlands, grasslands, riparian forests, blue oak savanna, and two reservoirs. These diverse habitats support a rich collection of fauna including threatened species such as steelhead trout and northing spotted owl, as well as wide-ranging mammals – deer, mountain lion, coyote, bobcat, and black bear.

Van Hoosear Wildlife Preserve

Van Hoosear Wildlife Preserve is a stunning 163-acre privately owned preserve that is protected forever because of the work of the Sonoma Ecology Center and partners. We manage the preserve with the landowner and lead public walks each spring through its spectacular wildflower displays. Home to over 250 species of common and rare wildflowers and native grasses, and a favorite spot for our outings.

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