Sonoma Ecology Center

Don’t Miss Our Next Climate Readiness Workshop on Sept. 15

The following announcement comes from the North Bay Watershed Association, which has been working hard on its Climate Ready North Bay project and now seeks more input from the public. Details on how you can help are below, with emphasis on the Sonoma Creek watershed workshop: Thursday, Sept. 15, 1-3 p.m. at the Schell-Vista fire station.

Locally actionable climate and hydrology information for managing North Bay watersheds

You are invited to participate in one or more working sessions for North Bay Watershed Association’s Climate Ready North Bay project.

You may attend one or more working sessions. Each will be tailored to a North Bay watershed or county.

At last month’s working session (presentation available here), the NBWA community learned about new, detailed information sources for local climate, streams, runoff, groundwater, natural vegetation, irrigation demand, and watersheds. Participants identified additional specific management questions. The project team is now working to answer those questions, engage more potential users, and refine analysis tools for users to use on their own. Participants at the upcoming working sessions will

NBWA members are crucial for getting this project’s information and resources out to a broader audience. Please let us know if there are other people you’d like us to invite, such as fire and emergency response programs, planning agencies, watershed groups, stormwater programs, RCDs, and sanitation districts.

Feel free to contact us with additional management questions that we may be able to address. See you soon!