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Donations needed for Summer Science Camp scholarships

Sonoma Ecology Center’s Summer Science Camp provides children with the opportunity to learn about science and connect with nature through hands-on, interactive experiments, explorations, and adventures. Campers make new friends, develop new skills, and learn more about the local flora and fauna of Sonoma Valley. Each camp theme is rich in science content, eco-friendly arts & crafts, fun games, and healthy snacks.

SEC’s Science Camp is a camp that parents can trust—we have trained educators and support staff to ensure a positive, meaningful, memorable learning experience that is fun! Kids who have attended SEC Summer Science Camp have developed life-long interests in science, nature, and the outdoors. Their positive experiences with science help them with their studies during the school year.

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to attend summer camp. Sonoma Ecology Center is committed to keeping the magical experience of science camp available to all youth, regardless of socio-economic status. It is our hope that every child who wishes to enroll in Sonoma Ecology Center’s Summer Science Camp will be able to do so. With your donation, you can help low-income families in the Sonoma Valley region send their kids to camp with scholarships. Your donation also ensures that our science-based outdoor educational camps can continue to thrive year after year.

Here’s how your donation could help:

Sonoma Ecology Center’s Summer Science Camps are so special because they:

Thank you for considering a donation to our Summer Science Camp fund!

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We are now also accepting donations in the form of supplies for camp! If you have something on our wish list you would like to give, please contact Holland Gistelli at

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